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About CDKN Ghana

About CDKN Ghana

The CDKN3 programme in Ghana is dedicated to mobilising climate knowledge, capacity, and leadership to amplify climate awareness and inspire community action, with particular attention to the most impacted populations. We recognise the boundless energy and potential of young people, therefore we are working with partners to provide a platform that harnesses their creativity and enthusiasm towards climate action and sustainable development.

As part of the CDKN work across Africa, the programme in Ghana is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities present within the Ghanaian context.

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Our thematic focus:

CDKN Ghana


Through storytelling, we aim to use innovative knowledge- brokering tools such as Virtual Reality (VR), songs, art, theatre, competitions and more, to translate and disseminate existing climate evidence, making it accessible and relevant to all.

CDKN Ghana

Empowering young people

We are committed to equipping the youth, especially women and girls, with the necessary resources and capacity-strengthening opportunities to enhance their skills for spearheading community-led climate action.

CDKN Ghana

Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)

Delving into innovative nature-based solutions for addressing the impacts of climate change, we will explore the vast potential of green entrepreneurship and how it can drive community resilience, enhance inclusion and equity and facilitate sustainable development.

CDKN Ghana

Voices of African researchers

Bridging the gap between research and on-the ground climate action this theme is dedicated to amplifying the voices of African researchers in policy formulation and practice, ensuring that their invaluable insights adequately contribute to shaping the way forward.

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For insights into our previous initiatives and the impactful journey through CDKN phase 1 and 2 in Ghana (2010-2022), explore our main CDKN Website here.

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Center for climate change and sustainability studies
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